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"A non-profit program for spreading Arabic worldwide"

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“Arabic for All” is a non-profit program based and operating from Riyadh the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With services available in most countries around the world, the program is supervised and managed by an elite of academic specialists in applied linguistics. The program’s objective is to facilitate the teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers by utilizing the most modern technologies. Within the program, there are several specialized products and services that are being offered to promote the teaching methods of the Arabic language. The Program has successfully established partnerships with different governments and establishments around the world to present its mission.

Success Story

“Arabic for All” Program was launched in 2001, and started publishing in 2003. Shortly after, it has become one of the world leaders in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers. Around 300,000 students, 3000 teachers and hundreds of universities, institutes and schools around the world benefited from our services and used our curriculums. Today, “Arabic for All” has committed itself to an important mission and that is to  " make Arabic easy for all non-Arabic speakers ".

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comprehensive products to fill the need of today

Arabic at our children hands – Student 1

Arabic at our children hands – Student 2

Arabic at our children hands – Teacher 1

Arabic at our children hands – Teacher 2

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Launch of "Arabic at our children's Hands" series

Arabic For All has launched its new series "Arabic at our children Hands", Which is one of the latest series…

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ArabicForAll new discounts in the occasion of Arabic language day

Arabic For All pleased to offer you the new discounts in the occasion of Arabic language day, Special discounts on all…

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Arabic for All had provided a lecture entitled (the role of Saudi Arabia in spreading the Arabic language)

Highlighting the efforts of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to disseminate and promote the Arabic…

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UNESCO Praises "Arabic At Your Hands" Series

Arabic For All obtained a praise from the International plan for the promotion of Arab culture at UNESCO, where UNESCO…

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The New Video Clip of: Learn Arabic with Arabic At Your Hands

“Arabic At Your Hands” Series is a comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers ( as a second language…

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A training course of Arabic scholarship teachers in Mecca

Training course of Arabic language Teachers for non-native speakers has started in Mecca – KSA in collaboration with Islamic Propagation…

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Arabic At Your Hands Series

A comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic as a second language.

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