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To facilitate the teaching of the Arabic language to those who desire or in need to speak Arabic


To take advantage of the specialized academic capabilities to facilitate the teaching of the Arabic language, and to employ the proper technology and media to deliver it to those who need it.

Success Story

“Arabic for All” Program was launched in 2001, and started publishing in 2003. Shortly after, it has become one of the world leaders in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers. Around 1400000 students, 3000 teachers and hundreds of universities, institutes and schools around the world benefited from our services and used our curriculums. Today, “Arabic for All” has committed itself to an important mission and that is to  " make Arabic easy for all non-Arabic speakers ".

The curriculums of “The Arabic At Your Hands series” proved big success in various Islamic and non-Islamic environments, such as (Indonesia – Malaysia – China – Pakistan – Russia – Senegal – South Africa – Bosnia – Britain – Brazil – USA – and others).

Arabic At Your Hands Series

A comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic as a second language.

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