First Level

  • Level’s units, books and lessons:
    The first level consists of two parts (books), each of which includes 8 units (total of 16 units). Each unit consists of 9 lessons, constituting a total of 144 basic lessons in this level.

    The lessons of each unit are organized as follows:

First lesson: First dialogue, its vocabularies and exercises

2 pages


Second lesson: Second dialogue, its vocabularies and exercises

2 pages


Third lesson: Third dialogue, its vocabularies and exercises

2 pages


Fourth lesson: Vocabularies exercises and additional vocabularies.

2 pages


Fifth Lesson: Grammar structures and exercises.

4 pages


Sixth lesson: Sounds

3 pages


Seventh lesson: Speaking and exercises

3 pages


Eighth lesson: Reading and exercises

3 pages


Ninth lesson: Writing and exercises

4 pages

                                           Total of 25 pages per unit 


  • Tests and Evaluations:
    Two types of tests are included in the first level:

    1. Short tests: 8 tests in each two units
    Two comprehensive tests for determining level:
  • Midlevel comprehensive test (at the end of the first book)
  • Final comprehensive test (at the end of the second book) 

At its end, the first level includes a group of vocabularies with illustrated pictures. It also comprises lists for vocabularies used in each unit and another list for all vocabularies used in the level arranged alphabetically. It also contains listening texts along with an audio CD (8 hours) covering all texts and some of the exercises included. There is also a preparatory booklet for teaching Arabic letters.

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Arabic At Your Hands Series

A comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic as a second language.

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