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The registration announcement for a new online training course for teachers of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers

“Arabic For All” announces accepting registration applications for the fourth online training course (distant education) for teachers of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.


Course date and time:


25-29/6/1436 H

Five days: from the 4 pm  until 7 pm at Makkah Al-Mukarramah time.


Course Contents:

  1. Basic introductions in applied linguistics and its fields.
  2. Basics in teaching the language three elements: (sounds, vocabulary and structures).
  3. Basics in teaching the language four skills: (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
  4. Practical exercises on teaching for every skill performed by the trainees under the supervision of the instructors.


Admission requirements:

  1. The trainee must have an excellent command of Arabic.
  2. It must be the trainee’s first time to attend a course held by Arabic For All.
  3. The trainee must send his CV to the course mail .
  4. The approval of the admission committee.
  5. Paying the course fees directly after being accepted ( 50$ ).


*The trainee shall receive a certificate of attending a distant education course.


For more information:

Phone:         00966114541670
Whatsapp:    00966595574664




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