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Al-khaleej program for teaching Arabic as a second language

Arabic is considered one of the world major languages in regards to number of its native speakers. It is widely spread as it is spoken by more than 350 million persons. Moreover, Arabic language has a religious and economic significance and it is one of the official languages in the United Nations.

Because of these perspectives, Alkhaleej Training & Education Co has prepared an integrated training program for all those who aim to learn Arabic language through using latest techniques. Therefore, Alkhaleej has been the pioneer in launching training courses in the field of Arabic language by using Arabic at your hands which is well-known worldwide. The course is taught through Virtual Training system which works on building the language four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Why to choose Alkhaleej Training & Education?

  • Integrated and well-tailored curriculum (Arabic at your hands) which has several levels and focuses on treating weakness points.
  • Virtual Training system provides direct training with instructors virtually, e-learning and full access to recorded sessions to enhance anytime and all the time training.
  • Focus on phonetics, pronunciation and sentence structure and formation.
  • Recognized curriculum from more than 1200 schools and universities around the world.


ALKHALEEJ Training & Education


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